Milli Vanilli: That Beat!

Producer Frank Farian borrowed liberally from earlier recordings to put together the Milli Vanilli backing tracks. The Billboard review of the first single cites DON'T LOOK ANY FURTHER by Dennis Edwards with Siedah Garrett as an inspiration for some of the "Girl You Know It's True" rhythm. (For those of you playing at home, Dennis Edwards was a member of the Temptations, and Siedah Garrett sang on Michael Jackson's "I Just Can't Stop Loving You" in 1987, and later teamed up with the Brand New Heavies for a lifeless album in 1997 called "Shelter".)

A great deal of attention was placed on that beat, and the review mentions its use in PAID IN FULL, a 1987 single by Eric B and Rakim. The beat was also used in LL Cool J's JACK THE RIPPER from 1988, but the original source of that beat was a 1974 recording by the Soul Searchers called ASHLEY'S ROACHCLIP.

The beat would be recycled endlessly in the early 1990s, and showed up in the following singles (not a complete list by any means):

Variations of the beat would turn up in a host of other songs that didn't sample it directly, like:

This list is by no means comprehensive; I just want to convey how pervasive this beat was. Now you know.