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It's doubtful that any other recording act has suffered as much humiliation as Milli Vanilli (except maybe M.C. Hammer; we'll call it a draw). I was fortunate enough to be working in top 40 radio (98PXY, Rochester NY) when Milli Vanilli was popular, and there was no greater joy than making fun of Stan Milli and Willi Vanilli (as we called them). Over the years, I have accumulated quite a bit of Milli Vanilli junk, and I feel strangely compelled to share.

Their entry on the UK's Now That's What I Call Music 13 CD.

Gary Larson's Far Side comic from Thursday, October 3, 1991.

(Mr. Larson does not want Far Sides appearing in digital form on the web, and I certainly respect that. Buy the book. Incidentally, the caption that's missing from the book is "Milli Vanilli's bird, Lilly".)

Milli Vanilli parody from June 10, 1990 episode of FOX-TV's "In Living Color".

"The Milli Vanilli Coolli Medilli", put together by Chris Cox at the remix service Hot Tracks: Artwork

Parody: THE PLUMBING SONG by "Weird Al" Yankovic (from LP Off The Deep End, Scotti Bros., 1992)

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The five hit singles (all on one promo CD!)

Girl You Know It's True

Baby Don't Forget My Number

Girl I'm Gonna Miss You

Blame It On The Rain

All Or Nothing

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