Milli Vanilli: Ad campaign for Girl You Know It's True LP

This is a promotional CD that was sent to radio to promote the first US single, Girl You Know It's True.

Add To Your Fortune/5 Future #1's from Arista

Arista ASCD-9791,1988

Track listing:

  1. IF EVER A LOVE THERE WAS - Four Tops (Duet with Aretha Franklin)
  2. I'M GONNA GIT YOU SUCKA - The Gap Band
  3. GIRL YOU KNOW IT'S TRUE - Milli Vanilli
  4. THIS TIME - Kiara (Duet with Shanice Wilson)
  5. DON'T TALK DIRTY TO ME - Jermaine Stewart

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Oddly enough, the Milli Vanilli track was the only significant pop hit on the CD, and it hit #2, not #1.

The following full-page ads appeared in Billboard to promote the Girl You Know It's True album. The pages didn't fit on my scanner, so I had to break them into top and bottom halves.

Text from a full-page ad from March 18, 1989 Billboard magazine:

Now You Know It's Here!

Girl You Know It's True.

Introducing the eagerly awaited debut album from the most exciting new group of the year. Includes their #1 worldwide smash, "Girl You Know It's True," plus these sure-fire hits: "Blame It On The Rain," "Take It As It Comes," "More Than You'll Ever Know," "It's Your Thing," "Baby Don't Forget My Number," and more great songs.

Initial orders are over 400,000!

Make Way For Milli Vanilli On Arista Chrome Cassettes, Compact Disc, and Records.

Produced by Frank Farian for Far Music Production.

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Text from a full-page ad in April 15, 1989 Billboard magazine:

Milli Vanilli Break From The Start!

The year's most dynamic new duo makes each shot count. "Girl You Know It's True," their debut single became a #1 worldwide Platinum smash, selling over 500,000 cassette singles alone!

The album Girl You Know It's True is exploding at retail with sales over 600,000 in only a few short weeks and this is just the beginning.

Introducing their next hit single, "Baby Don't Forget My Number."

Milli Vanilli. A multi Platinum future is in the pocket. Bank on it!

On Arista chrome cassettes, compact discs and records.

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